Before / After School

Innovative, educational and fun programs that will further enhance your child.

Our before- and after-school program offers the school-age child a break from the school day; a place to relax with friends; and opportunities to explore, grow, and learn in a safe, secure environment. Children stay busy and stimulated by a wide range of weekly planned, child-directed activities in which fun and learning go hand-in-hand:


  • Homework Help Club

  • Discovery Club – science and the environment

  • Drama Club – art and drama

  • Open Air Club – games and group activities

  • Construction Club – cooking, crafts, and hobbies

  • Media Club – computers, games, and books

  • School Holiday Field Trips

  • Summer Camp


The Clubs are interest clubs where students explore science and the environment, art and drama, games and group activities, cooking, crafts, computers, and games and literacy.


Sunrise Children's Center encourages children to develop lifelong friendships while participating in year-round programming and Summer Camp.


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