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Programs & Curriculum


At no other stage of life does learning, with the proper stimulation, occur so rapidly.

With our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy you have the security of knowing your child is loved and can comfortably learn about the world around him / her.The Sunrise Children's Center Infant Child Care Curriculum is specifically written to allow caregivers to provide each child the attention and individualized care he deserves.

Our age-appropriate sign language program provides preverbal children with an option for communicating. As seen below, the cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of each infant are met at Sunrise Children's Center:

  • Sign Language Program

  • Pre-Literacy Skills

  • Infant Curriculum Activities and Lessons

  • Indoor and Outdoor Physical Activities

  • Tummy Time With Friends

  • Daily Reports Providing Individualized Information


Experimental learning is fundamental during the toddler years and is the foundation for future development.

So much to learn, so much to do! Being a toddler is such an exciting time for both child and family. Designed with your child’s natural curiosity in mind, our Sunrise Children's Center Curriculum addresses the needs of your toddler:

  • Sign Language Program

  • Pre-Literacy Skills

  • Toddler Curriculum Activities and Lessons

  • Small Group Activities

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Practices

  • Indoor and Outdoor Physical Activities

  • Sensory Play

  • Daily Reports Providing Individual Information


Each classroom centers its program around three important components: loving relationships, stimulating environments, and developmentally-appropriate practices.


We know that experimental learning is fundamental during the toddler years and is the foundation for future development.




Our Preschool Program ensures that every child receives an accelerated foundation for elementary school.

Life is a daily adventure when you are a preschooler, and the Sunrise Children's Center Curriculum provides plenty of choices for your preschool child to explore and grow. Children are given opportunities to play as they learn in our stimulating educational environments. The sounds of children laughing and playing are the sounds of children learning at Sunrise Children's Center! 

Our child-directed, teacher-supported activities are standards driven and address the whole child by promoting:

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Practices

  • Hands-on Involvement

  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Character Development

  • Vocabulary

  • Social-Emotional Activities

  • Literacy Skills

  • Small Group Instruction

  • Daily Reports Providing Individual Information


Providing an advance educational foundation for a higher level of success

We are very proud of the challenging and fun combination the highly specialized curriculum that Sunrise Children's Center has to offer. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children work with original themed modules, designed to be appealing and educational.


Each child receives an unparalleled level of individual attention, to ensure success in reading, writing, math, as well as drama, music and art, while bolstering a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. By offering small group and one-on-one academic attention, Sunrise Children's Center offers the best foundation in preparing your child for the elementary school years.



We also offer

Before & After School

Summer Camp

Our before- and after-school program offers the school-age child a break from the school day; a place to relax with friends; and opportunities to explore, grow, and learn in a safe, secure environment. Children stay busy and stimulated by a wide range of weekly planned, child-directed activities in which fun and learning go hand-in-hand:


  • Homework Help Club

  • Discovery Club – science and the environment

  • Drama Club – art and drama

  • Open Air Club – games and group activities

  • Construction Club – cooking, crafts, and hobbies

  • Media Club – computers, games, and books

  • School Holiday Field Trips

  • Summer Camp


The Clubs are interest clubs where students explore science and the environment, art and drama, games and group activities, cooking, crafts, computers, and games and literacy.


Sunrise Children's Center encourages children to develop lifelong friendships while participating in year-round programming and Summer Camp.

Join us this summer for fun, friendships and exploration.


Day camp programs at Sunrise Children's Center include indoor and outdoor activities, plus opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration. Our programs group children by age and encourage their growing ability to make choices, work with others, and assume responsibilities. Our camp teachers work collaboratively to develop a fun curriculum that takes advantage of all that the summer offers.


They use playgrounds, the surrounding communities, and special visitors as an extension of the camp, helping children to discover science, explore nature, and engage in the creative arts, while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around them. We follow four essential rules when planning our excursions: the trip must be developmentally appropriate, safe, have educational value, and it must be fun

Summer Camp
Befor & After School
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